How to register and create a ticket in Salient Process Help Desk

How to register and create a ticket in Salient Process Help Desk

How to Register

Help Desk is the Salient Process ticket system where you can report incidents or ask for any request needed. To access and use the tool, you can go along with the following steps:

1. Access the Salient Process Help Desk using the next link

2. Click the Sign-Up Button (top right of the screen)


3. Fill out the fields Name, Email, and Captcha

4. check the mailbox of the email registered, You will receive an email invitation 



5. Accept the invitation by clicking the in the email and it will redirect you to set your password
  1. Password cannot be the same as your User Name.
  2. Be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length.
  3. Password length must not exceed 250 characters.

6. It will take you to your Manage profile section, where you can edit User information, Contact Information, and Location. Once your modifications are completed you can save them at the bottom of the Manage profile section.


      6.1. Click the Tab Home


7. Now you are ready to create tickets in the Help Desk.

How to Create a Ticket

1. Over My Area you can create tickets by clicking the Add ticket button \


2. You can also submit a ticket directly by Clicking “Submit a ticket" at the bottom of the page from My Area or Home Tab



3. For the Subject*  field please add a brief context of the issue

4. For the description Field, you can Include the following Information for Incidents
  • Product version number (if available)
  • Problem

example: "we see error code/message", "function that is failing"

  • Steps to reproduce

example: "tried restarting", "collected the trace"

  • Suggestions/Answers you seek

example: "workaround", "help", "advise", "explanation", "how-to"

  • Expected outcome

example: "reset password", "send a replacement", "analyze diagnostic output"


5. The Field Priority is related to the relevance in time for the issue to be resolved.

6. In the tab My Area you can track all tickets that you have created, 
      6.1.  Clicking on any of the tickets you have created you can check information, status, replies.
  • Once you have submitted a ticket you will receive a confirmation email, and the Salient team will take care of it.
  1. As soon as your ticket has been assigned you will receive an email telling you the person or team assigned
  1. When the ticket has been completed and Close, you will receive an email, informing you about the closing ticket and asking for your customer rate by clicking the link as shown below